Why Cape Cod?

Why Cape Cod?

The combination of the sun, sea, sand and proximity to Boston and New England has made Cape Cod the preferred summer destination for the famous and the fortunate. (Even the Pilgrims landed here first, before making their more celebrated debarkation at Plymouth Rock.)

 One of the most popular vacation destinations in the country, Cape Cod – with pristine beaches, kettle ponds, rivers and streams, charming harbors, arts, culture, antiques, great shops and restaurants – has also become a primary residence community. While retirees still head off to Florida in deep winter, other residents stay year-round to enjoy the Cape’s temperate climate, warm waters, and year-round golf in the winter months.

Cape Cod is a 75-mile long peninsula located in the State of Massachusetts. The islands of Martha’s Vineyard and Nantucket lie off the southern coast of Cape Cod. Cape Cod has some of the best beaches in the world with over 500 miles of unspoiled coast and 115 beautiful sandy beaches. From the scenic cycling on numerous bike trails, endless kayaking, inter-island yachting, world-class golfing, and wondrous whale watching to the fresh succulent seafood, life is good on Cape Cod.

Locals refer to the nation’s largest barrier island as the “Cape”—no need to worry about fussy etiquette here. One of the best things about the Cape is the low-key, relaxed beach lifestyle. Compared to the scene in the Hamptons of Long Island, where stars and bankers gather, or the rowdier Jersey Shore, the Cape caters to those who appreciate its casual lifestyle and natural wonder, including hundreds of acres of preserved dunes and marshland along the sprawling Cape Cod National Seashore.

Cape Cod is a destination so perfectly relaxed that travelers return year after year to relish in its beauty and serenity. Once over the bridge onto the Cape, with the sunlight sparkling on the water, the gulls circling overhead, the sailboats luffing their jibs and the waves crashing on the sand, it is practically impossible to wish to be anywhere else.

Cape Cod’s unsung asset is its year-round appeal – it is a magnetic destination in every season. Fall is one of the best times on the Cape…with its crisp air, cranberry harvest celebrations and what remains as the true Cape Cod: salt, sand, sea, and sky in all their glorious Fall perfection. Myriad celebrations and festivals take place at this time of year that recognize the bountiful harvest and nature’s raw beauty. The Winter brings dramatic seascapes and traditional holiday celebrations such as village Christmas strolls. With Spring arrives the warmer weather and nature’s glorious symphony of colors found in the Cape’s beautiful gardens. Outside of the summer, the off-season is an opportunity to stroll the Cape’s lovely beaches in relative solitude or sample a chef’s offerings at one of the many noted restaurants without waiting endlessly for a table. The Cape is truly a year-round destination.