Communities Harwich

Communities Harwich

Harwich is comprised of Brewster to the North, Nantucket Sound to the South and Pleasant Bay to the East. Harwich is one of the largest areas cranberry production on the Cape – cranberry bogs abound.

Harwich Port is one of the town’s most charming and busiest spots with picturesque Wychmere Harbor and a quaint village of shops and restaurants. From Saquatucket Harbor ferries leave for Nantucket from the end of May to the end of September.

Harwich Center, which lies inland, is a quiet village. Only a few stores, including an old-fashioned hardware store and friendly coffee shop, along with the Brooks Academy Museum and Brooks Free Library, make up this historic district.

Harwich has 16 saltwater beaches on Nantucket Sound and four freshwater ponds with beaches.

Villages in Harwich:
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Harwich Historical Society
Historic downtown Harwich Port
Brooks Academy Museum
Harwich Center